SOPS Guix - This project implements secure, atomic, trustless secret provisioning with Guix. It works by putting encrypted secrets in the store and by adding a one-shot Shepherd service that decrypts them at startup in a ramfs/tmpfs filesystem. This means that clear text secrets never hit the disk and that you can (and actually are encouraged to) check in your SOPS secrets in the same version control system you use to track you Guix configurations.

gocix - This project aims at providing a community managed library of Guix services. Code from this channel implements a Guix native experience for services that are not yet guixable, through OCI backed Shepherd services.

small-guix - My staging area for Guix. It holds stuff I plan to upstream somewhere may it be Guix mainline or a community channel like nonguix. Packages or services like the following were born here and with time contributed where suitable: Google Chrome, misc K8s stuff, OCI Services, Guix Home dotfiles.


mobilizon-reshare - Supercharge your event promotion strategy as an organization by automating your social media publishing through an application that can be run on your server, giving you full control and privacy.

guile-sparql - A SPARQL module for Guile Scheme to query an RDF store. Additionally, it provides an interface to write SPARQL queries using S-expressions.

Research Projects

Sample Efficient Reinforcement Learning in Minecraft - Research project with the aim of creating a Rainbow agent that can accurately collect wooden blocks on Minecraft. It involved agent configuration and training, performance validation through standard metrics and generating explanations of adopted policies (i.e. saliency maps).